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Where's my order ?


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Step 2: What is the status of your order ?


The status is classically in this form:

Delivery status :

27/02/2018 Your order has been registered.  
27/02/2018 Your order is being processed  
27/02/2018 Your order has been shipped  



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  • Otherwise, the other status show that it is normal that you have not receive your order. 

- Your order has been registered
We are now waitinf for your payment - One of us look has even gone straight to the bank to check our account.
Do you think it is unusual that we have not received your payment yet ? Contact us !


- Your oreder is being processed
Your order is in preparation. Our entire team is focused on your package and sings your praises.

Ebook : work in progress

The file will be sent to you via wetransfer.com as soon as we put your name on the cover. Patience, the PDF is often sent in the day or the next day if ordered at night, or on monday if ordered during the weekend.


Ouch, your order is not visible ? Don't worry, we didn't crook you ! Click here to solve this issue


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