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Professional Origami Quote Request


Your purchases :


  • Retailers, Origami Associations :
    We offer up to 75% off our wholesale items => Contact-us

  • Origami Teachers :
    We present your activity for free and we offer significant discounts to support your activity and / or to sell items to your folders => Contact-us

  • Artists :
    You have a particular request (Pack of sheets, specific size, sending in roller, wholesale purchase ...)?
    => Contact-us​

Our services :

  • Events:
    - Origami Workshops for Adults or Children
    - Close-up animation
    - Distribution of models as a gift for your customers
    - Décoration and Showcase
    - Giants Origami

  • ​Origami Adds 
    - Creations of original origami or kirigami Artworks
    - Origami or kirigami models in advertising, books, exhibitions....

Examples of some commissions here!

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