Miniature origami box
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Miniature origami box

El concepto de "caja de origami en miniatura" ofrece un diorama de origami compacto y plegable. Queda bien no sólo desplegado, sino también plegado y cubierto con una tapa.

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Miniature origami box


The "miniature origami box" concept offers a compact, foldable origami diorama. It looks good not only when unfolded, but also when folded and covered with a lid. An introductory video can be viewed from the QR code.

You can download a PDF of patterned paper for boxes and lids. Paper dimensions for each pattern, including boxes, are detailed so you can make them on the paper of your choice.


  • Doll party
  • Easter
  • Entrance ceremony
  • Bathing in the sea
  • Highlands grazing
  • Aquarium
  • Autumn forest
  • Halloween
  • Birthday parties
  • Birthday cards
  • Christmas
  • Cake store
  • New Year's decorations


Product details :
Language : Japanese
Number of pages : 160 pages.
Format : 18x24 cm


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