Origami Flower & Wreath
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Origami Flower & Wreath

Una serie de flores de temporada (pensamientos, claveles, lirios, gloria de la mañana, cosmos, etc.) que forman magníficas coronas cuando se enlazan entre sí.

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Origami Flower & Wreath

This book features the folding of a range of seasonal flowers such as pansies, carnations, irises, ipomeas and cosmos, as well as a few folkloric works, with the emphasis on original pieces that turn into beautiful wreaths when the parts are bound together. Recommended for those who want to take their time making them, as the book is designed to be enjoyed over a long period, with a variety of paper types and color patterns, and a selection of works that will make you want to make several throughout the year.


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Language : Japanese
Number of pages : 96 pages
Format : 19x25.5 cm
Cover : Soft cover


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