Origami difícil por primera vez
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Origami difícil por primera vez

Introducción para quienes desean probar el origami un poco más avanzado, pero no saben por dónde empezar.

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Difficult Origami for the first time


Even a dragon that looks complicated can be made from a traditional crane fold! This is the author's way of introducing complex origami and opening it up to beginning folders. The book contains diagrams for a total of 36 origami models, including 28 original models and 8 traditional models! This book is a good introduction for folders who would like to try origami a little more advanced, but don't know where to start.

You can follow the author on instagram h___east.

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Softcover: 174 pages

Language: Japanese
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18x26 cm





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Notas y comentarios

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