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Book Description: 
Yorokobi means "great joy". This Japanese term describes the feeling experienced when you discover the Art works of Tomoko Fuse and Taro Toriumi.

Tomoko Fuse and Taro Toriumi live isolated in the region of Nagano, in the japanese "Alps", surrounded by endless forests. Their close relationship with nature, plants and animals bring strength, inspiration and creativity. in their Artworks.

Tomoko Fuse is, for many, the greatest origami artists of our time. She uses the geometry of o folding to create a world full of harmony and beauty. Her models, her numerous books and her nice personality have an immeasurable impact on the development of modern origami in the world.

Taro Toriumi produces paintings with a great beauty. His admiration for Tomoko Fuse is reflected in his work where he show her folding.

This beautiful catalog is from their exhibition in Freising in 2009, where the couple showed their work together for the first time outside of Japan.

(Translation from text by Silke Schröder und Paulo Mulatinho http://www.origami-galerie.de/)

This book includes 3 Diagrams by Tomoko Fuse

Product Details:
Paperback: 140 color pages
Date : 2009
Language: English, German, japanese
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm
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- Enviado el Sunday 12 May 2019 por Alessandro BB
Nice catalogue of an exhibition by Tomoko Fuse and his husband
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