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Pack Unryu - 30x30 cm
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Pack: Unryu HANJI - 12 colors - 12 sheets - 30x30 cm

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Pack Unryu

The presence of natural fibers and its plush makes your models more realistic. You can easily imitate the fur of animals or bring texture to a model (for example, a rose made with this tissue paper becomes ultra realistic). This paper has also a soft face and a smooth back surface (rubbed) to allow a better grip when you have to paste the sheet on another paper.

  • Size: 30x30 cm (11.8''x11.8'')
  • 28 gsm
  • Pack of 12 sheets / 12 colors
    Colors currently available in the pack : White / Chocolat / Dark Blue / Brown / Beige / Light Brown / Ocher / Forest Green / Green / Light Green / Purple / Pink

These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.



this paper:


- To imitate animal fur
- To texture the appearance of your model and magnify it
- To fold a super thin paper, perfect for super complex models
- To take aware that all other natural tissue-paper (Mulberry, banana .. etc) are not worth Unryu


How to use

this paper:


- Make sandwich papers : Glue tissue paper onto a sheet of aluminum for cooking or foil-papers:


- Coat it with Methyl Cellulose (wallpaper paste) or paint it with acrylic color : the result is an amazingly thin paper suitable to fold super complex models.


Samples of models folded with Unryu:

Wild Boar
Author: Nicolas TERRY
Brown Unryu coated with methyl cellulose

Author: Nicolas TERRY
Brown Unryu glue on foil paper then glue on ivory tissue paper
Author : Quentin Trollip - Published in Origami Sequence
Brown Unryu
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Notas y comentarios

Opinión de internautas Pack: Unryu HANJI - 12 colors - 12 sheets - 30x30 cm (18 Comentarios)

- Enviado el Wednesday 11 August 2021 por Eshel E
Great product
after testing i just spend 200 euro on your papers!!!
- Enviado el Thursday 12 April 2018 por Georgina B
Paper was fine but my son wanted a large size.
- Enviado el Thursday 08 March 2018 por Stuart BBBBB
Good paper, nice range of colours.
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