yellow lemon mulberry tissue taper 65x95 cm scrapbooking origami
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Yellow Lemon Mulberry Silk Paper

Papel de seda de morera de origami, extra fino, suave y sedoso para imitar la piel o dar textura a tus modelos.

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Mulberry Silk Paper - YELLOW LEMON

Natural silk paper made from mulberry leaves.

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  • Weight: 25 gsm


Qualities :


This very fine paper is made of long and slightly visible fibers. Its soft and silky aspect allows the folder to enrich the texture of his models by imitating for example the fur of an animal or by folding ultra-realistic flowers.


It can be used in two ways:

  1. Glue on another paper (see how to make sandwich paper here).
  2. Treated with methylcellulose (wallpaper glue)


The sheets with format 45x45 cm or 65x95 cm will be sent folded by us. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these 45x45 cm or 65x95 cm sheets folded

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Opinión de internautas Yellow Lemon Mulberry Silk Paper (6 Comentarios)

stars_5 - Enviado el domingo 27 junio 2021 por Gabriel Fabricio RG
Papel excepcional, color súper vibrante y vivido, amo como se siente al tocarlo y ni hablar si se t... (Leer más)
stars_5 - Enviado el martes 14 noviembre 2017 por Prakriti TTT
excellent paper , you can even attempt super complex models like ryujin 2.1 with it.
stars_5 - Enviado el lunes 27 marzo 2017 por Moosa Z
The Mulberry Tissue is a very nice paper since its very thin and suitable for almost all origami mod... (Leer más)
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