Boîtes en origami d'exception


Boîtes en origami d'exception

Tomoko Fuse hat exklusiv für dieses Buch 20 unveröffentlichte Modelle entworfen, die eine breite Palette einfach zu faltender Origami-Boxen präsentieren. Video-Tutorial für jedes Modell verfügbar.

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Tomoko Fuse - Boîtes en origami d'exception

20 unpublished origami boxes by Tomoko Fuse.

An origami box is something very simple but unique, made with love. In the pleasure of folding the paper is added the satisfaction of using an object or offering it, by forging a link between the person who created it and the person who receives it. Have fun choosing the most appropriate paper according to the use you make of the box, the place where it will take place or the person to whom you intend

Détails :
- A color book in French - 128 pages

- 20 origami designs with instructions and step-by-step diagrams
- Video of the folding sequence for each model
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