Fancy Origami for Practical Use Toshikazu Kawasaki in japanese

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Book Description:
This book contains the alphabet, numbers, typical Dutch models and other fun origami designs. You can attached them on the folded flags, so you get a festive Garland or use them on a card. If you expand the letters become a large gift card.  In short, a festive book with lots of features.
Models :
- Flag
- Alphabets + Digits
- Cake + Wine Bottle
- "Like it"
- Crib
- Beret +  Inkwell +  Boat
- Windmill
- Canal House
- Cow
- Wooden shoe
- Letterfold
Author: Jannie van Schuylenburg is one ne of the origami teachers of the Origami Society Netherlands (OSN).
Product Details:
  • softcover: 36 pages
  • Language: Both Dutch and English
  • Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 14.7 cm
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