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When you want to bring color or patterns to your origami, you often have two problems:
- patterned papers are often too thick to be folded
- tissue papers, glue on paper, mayfade over time.

Decopatch papers solves both problems by providing a patterned tissue paper, thin and very durable.

Decopatch papers are originally intended for napkin technique, that is to say, the decoration papers are stick on objects. It is very interesting to divert these papers by using them for origami:

- As thin as classic tissue paper (20 gsm), you can paste it on Tant paper, foil papers or tissue-foil papers then fold your models with a new thin patterned papers.
- It's a solid paper that gives smooth rendering
- It has a superior print quality and it is glazed allowing it to resist fo time and  aggressions of sun (it will not fade).
- It offers particularly interesting patterns to showcase your models.

How to use décopatch :


The result : (Video & modulars fold by Jo Nakashima)


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