Deluxe Washi White

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Deluxe Washi White

Dieses Origami-Papier bietet auf der einen Seite eine markante Textur, um Ihre Modelle hervorzuheben, und auf der anderen Seite eine metallisierte Folie, die sich leicht falten und formen lässt.

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WHITE Washi Deluxe

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This Washi Deluxe has a crumpled texture that brings a natural look to your models, very interesting for example for origami animals. On the other hand, this very marked texture catches the light and so highlights your folds.

Usually, this type of crumpled paper remains difficult to fold but with this paper, thanks to the presence of a strong metallized layer on the back, the paper becomes as malleable as the foil paper. That's why, it is possible to fold any type of model, even the most complex, while ensuring easy modeling.

The formats larger than 24x24 cm are exclusive to our shop.


  • Warning: Due to the highly textured face, the square might not being always perfect. By ordering this item, you agree to receive sheets which in rare case might not been perfectly square (but almost) !
  • ​Sheets with format 50x50 cm to 100x76 cm will be sent folded by us. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets 50x50 cm to 100x76 cm folded.

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- Erstellt am Saturday 14 October 2023 durch Roberto P
Una carta davvero bella anche al tatto. Permette di realizzare modelli complessi e conferisce una ce... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Thursday 30 December 2021 durch Valerio C
Amazing paper.
Not as good as tissue-foil or sandwhich for shaping, but still good enough.
... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Friday 16 April 2021 durch Kelly R
This paper folds like butter! It is beautiful and the creases reverse well considering the foil laye... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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