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Dieses Papier bietet eine auffällige Textur, die Reptilienhaut imitiert und perfekt ist, um Ihren Modellen Rundungen und 3D-Effekte zu verleihen. Es ist wasserfest und eignet sich ideal zum Nassfalten und Tessellieren.

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This paper has a texture imitating the skin of reptiles. It can also be used to fold thick-skinned animals such as elephants and hippos. Rather thick (110 g/m²) and water resistant, it is perfectly adapted to give roundness and 3D to your models, for wet-folding as well as for tesselations. 


- Choose the size in the options above

- Color: green on both sides

- 110 gsm

This paper was first discovered and made available to the origami community by Origami-shop on September 6, 2013.



Please note:

  • This item is a product EXCLUSIVE to our store: we also cut it into squares and package it ourselves. 
  • Important : Each sheet of 40x40, 50x50 and 70x70 cm will be sent to you folded. However, the traces of folds should not disturb the final aspect of your model.

=> By ordering this paper, you agree to receive the 40x40, 50x50 and 70x70 cm sheets folded




this paper:


To Fold any reptiles like crocodiles, lizards and dinosaurs
- To give roundness, 3D effects and capture more organic shapes 

(like animals since there are many curves to be put in them)
To have an amazing texture adding to your folds
- To fold tesselations and modulars

- To use wet-folding Technique                                                                     



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Benutzermeinung für GREEN LIZARD HIDE (4 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Friday 25 February 2022 durch marco Z
thick paper with a really nice texture similar to scales. used for not too detailed dragons is fanta... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Saturday 16 June 2018 durch Peter C
Recommended for dinosaurs but way too thick for good models.
- Erstellt am Monday 12 March 2018 durch Bridget HHHH
My favourite..not to thick and nice embossing...
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