Have fun discovering origami in 3D

Have fun discovering origami in 3D

Dieses Buch bietet eine spielerische und leicht zugängliche Einführung in geometrisches 3D-Origami für Kinder. Es kombiniert klare Anleitungen mit Zeichnungen im Comic-Stil, um überraschende Modelle zu erstellen.

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Discover origami in 3D

This book is ideal for introducing children to 3D geometric origami, with clear instructions and cartoon-style drawings to help them create their first model. It's designed to make learning origami fun and accessible, with models that hide surprises, such as a dodecahedron that opens to reveal a skeleton. This playful approach aims to introduce children to the beauty and complexity of 3D origami, while offering them an enriching and surprising experience.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Language: Japanese
Number of pages : 39 pages in color
Format: 22 cm x 29 cm
Cover : Hard cover

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