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White Glue for Origami - Double-end

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White Glue for Origami - Double-end

Origami Japanese glue, with a precision tip on one side and a larger tip on the other, to improve the final appearance of your folds and to easily build your Papercrafts.

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White Glue for Origami - Double-end


Enter into the dark zone of Origami ! Sometimes you need to glue some flaps of your origami models, for example for exhibtion or to make it stand ! But nobody have to know that you do that or you risk being banned from the origami community :o) !

So this the secret of Origami Masters : The super Japanese Origami Craft Glue "OriTool"!

  • Transparent once dry
  • Ultra fast drying
  • A fine tip to apply the glue accurately
  • A large tip on the other

With this glue, nobody will discover your secret !


- Capacity = 30ml

- Adapted for children

- Pink or blue appearance to choose from the options above.


Perfectly suited for papercrafts.


NB: The shop declines any responsibility for the consequences on your artistic fame of the use of glue on your origami models

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- Erstellt am Friday 01 April 2022 durch Cecile G
Super pour les besoins que j'ai !
- Erstellt am Monday 26 July 2021 durch Suzy M
très bonne colle pour origami
- Erstellt am Sunday 13 September 2020 durch Francesco MM
Useful to keep models in their shape for a long time
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