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Origami semplici ... ma no facili

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Origami semplici ... ma no facili

Die Modelle bestehen aus mehreren Papierbögen unterschiedlicher Größe, die mit einem fortschrittlichen Blockiersystem ohne Klebstoff zusammengefügt werden.

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Origami semplici ... ma no facili

Federico Scalambra is one of the most important creators of the origami called "modular figurative". His models are composed of several sheets of paper of different sizes assembled by an advanced blocking system, obviously using neither glue nor scissors. This type of origami allows the author to express all his creativity by proposing complex and detailed forms.
  • The beginner will be able to fold beautiful models with folds that are still accessible.
  • The expert folders will marvel at Federico's talent to assemble all these shapes without glue in a surprising and complex way and will discover the many different types of possible blocking.

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Softcover: 60 pages
Language: Italian
Product Dimensions: 23 x 29.7cm


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- Erstellt am Tuesday 30 August 2022 durch Jens K
I've long been wanting to get this booklet with cute models. The modular models (without glue) are f... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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