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Passion Origami

At least once in our life, we all have folded a frog, a plane, or a boat with a sheet of paper, but there is so much more! Enter the wonderful world of origami by folding astonishing models: a duck, a lion, a rickshaw, a warrior ... Clear and detailled diagrams will lead you step by step to the final model. No glue, no cuts, a paper square and your fingers are all that you need! Accessible to everybody, models are ranked in increasing levels of difficulty, from the simplest to the most complex. And take the next step ! Join the designers' circle and get started with origami design. And for experts always eager for more, challenges and crease patterns will allow you to fold still more models.

Review by Gilad Aharoni:


Since Nicolas Terry appeared on the origami scene, he has made a great contribution to the art with his excellent website, featuring the work of many designers from around the world, and now with this intriguing book of his own original creations.

Terry's models have a unique style. While being quite complex, they are far from being "dry". They have a cartoonish quality, and are very expressive and fun. The book contains much more than diagrams. Each model comes with paper recommendations (as most of the models cannot really be folded out of plain origami paper), size ratio, even estimated folding time... Terry describes the creative process for each model, displays its crease-pattern, and offers challenges and general "thoughts behind the folds".

The book ends with a few crease-pattern challenges with some explanatory notes. A hidden feature in the book is a "secret code", which, once found and emailed to the author, grants access to a secret page on his website, containing exclusive diagrams and some more treats.

I would not recommend this book to beginners, as the majority of the models are complicated to fold, and require some sculptural abilities, but advanced folders will no-doubt benefit from the fresh ideas expressed here.

About the author:

Nicolas TERRY is the author and editor of the collection Passion Origami whose this book is the first volume. He is the webmaster of this shop as well as passion-origami.com
site. He was an honour guest of several Origami Conventions in the world. He co-manages the "Ultimate Origami Convention" and the "Convention for Creators"


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Details :

  • 170 pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 23 models + 4 Cps + 14 variations of models 
  • Languages: English and French


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- Erstellt am Friday 14 June 2024 durch Haktan I
Excellent e-book. J'aime beaucoup.
- Erstellt am Saturday 05 February 2022 durch Radagast IB
The finest paper ever folded. Stongly recommended for beginners and seniors
- Erstellt am Friday 07 February 2020 durch jose maria DV
Me encantan los modelos de este libro.
El poderlos tener digitalmente para poder seguir los di... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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