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11 shades of Yellow (Limited Edition)

11 shades of Yellow (Limited Edition)

This pack offers you most of the shades of yellow available in the shop with a selection of 10 different papers, so you can be sure to find the right paper for your folding

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Pack of 11 shades of YELLOW origami sheets



11 sheets with different kind of papers
Format: 24x24 cm to 35x35 cm

A perfect pack to test and discover 11 different papers and to be sure to have the right sheet for the right origami project.


This pack is EXCLUSIVE to our shop: We cut the sheet into squares and conditioning them ourselves.


24x24 cm (10''x10''):

  • Tant Yellow Sun
  • Tant Yellow Lion

30x30 cm (12''x12''):

  • Youkogami Yellow
  • Tissue-foil Yellow
  • Duo Extra Yellow

35x35 cm (14''x14''):

  • Satogami Yellow
  • Vintage Yellow Ocher
  • Washi Deluxe Yellow
  • Octa Pearl Yellow Sun
  • Rouketsu Yellow
  • Kinumomi Yellow
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