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White Thin Dó paper - 140x110 cm

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White Thin Dó paper - 140x110 cm

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Dó Paper 

- 1 sheet 140x110 cm

- Thin (around 50 g/m²)
- Color : White


Before ordering, carefuly note this points:


#1 Delivery : To ensure a better protection during transportwe fold the sheet. It therefore inevitably contain creases but the traces should not interfere in the final appearance of your model.

#2 Each sheet is handmadeThis is why the sheet edges are frayed and size can vary from a few centimeters. The sheet may also have some traces of manipulation. 


By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets folded, including imperfections and variations inherent in this type of handmade product.



The Dó paper is a hand-made paper, hand-produced in small villages of Vietnam.
Traditionally used for calligraphy, it is recognized for its durability 

Folders of "Vietnam Origami Group" have naturally used this paper to create amazing origami models.
With their help, this paper is now available exclusively on Origami-shop for folders around the world. Please note that quantities are limited.

Models by Nguyen Hung Cuong

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Benutzermeinung für White Thin Dó paper - 140x110 cm (3 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Thursday 08 December 2016 durch Christian EEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Nice thin paper, strong and durable as well.
- Erstellt am Sunday 27 November 2016 durch Eero P
Nice looking and thin paper, but pretty soft and doesn't hold the folds as well as it should.
- Erstellt am Monday 13 June 2016 durch Roberto CCC
very nice, pretty similar to thay unryu, although feels more velvety
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