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Traditional Japanese Origami - 35 models

Collection of 35 easy-to-fold traditional Japanese origami patterns

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Traditional Japanese Origami - 35 models


35 traditional origami models with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and videos

In Japan, children are taught the traditional art of origami from an early age, which is closely linked to the culture of the Rising Sun. Of the 35 models in this book, the most fascinating are those with symbolic connotations, such as the carp and the cicada, the frog and the crane, the lotus flower and the iris, all of which are eternally charming. In addition, there are useful and practical designs, such as the bag for storing medicinal spices, the masu box and the cards with an elaborate closure. Folding these origami is like taking a fantastic journey into an enchanting world, and is an enjoyable pastime for beginners and experienced origamists alike.


Product Details:
Paperback: 144 colors pages
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 25.5 cm


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