Origami Birds and Fish [e-book Edition]
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Origami Birds and Fish [e-book Edition]

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Book Description:

"Origami Birds and Fish" is and e-book that you can read on Kindle, any computer or other small devices.


It teaches how to fold a large collection of simple birds and fish. Many of these are traditional favorites and some are created by John Montroll. Step-by-step instructions teach the folder how to make 12 birds and 12 fish including a Parakeet, Pajarita, Flapping Bird, Angelfish, Seahorse, Tropical Fish, and many other favorites.

Each model is folded from a single square sheet with large, clear, step-by-step instructions. These models are ideal for learning more simple origami models, perfect for children, and art teachers. You can make scenes with the birds and fish.


How I can read it ?

  • Either you have a Kindle, and you can read the book with a simple drag / drop or copy / paste of the file from your desktop to the kindle (this one connected to your computer of course)
  • Or you do not have a Kindle. Do not panic! You will find here all FREE applications that Amazon develops for different devices: PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPod. Once installed, open the file with this aplication.

How I can download it ?

  • As soon as we accept your payment, You could download the book from “Your Account>Review your orders” 
  • Because this book is an e-book, the are of course no carriage costs. 

Product Details:
- 92
- Language: English
- Format : .mobi (3.07 Mo) 


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