Stellar Origami Nakshatras, Volume-1
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Stellar Origami Nakshatras, Volume-1

25 estrellas de origami modulares dirigidas a plegadores de nivel principiante e intermedio.

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Stellar Origami Nakshatras, Volume-1

After more than a decade into the art form, Nikhil Suryanarayana brings you his first book in Origami. “Stellar Origami Nakshatras” series is a saga of simple modular origami stars designed by Nikhil. The designs chosen in this book are aimed at beginner and intermediate level folders. The book has instructions to more than 25 origami modules and provides an exclusive set of #NiksOrigamiTips to hone your skills. He further encourages to explore the depths of these designs by creating new nakshatras, using the secrets revealed in the “Theory of Nakshatras”.

The book introduces you to an intriguing set of more than 20,000 variations of the modules, in the form of 30 fun challenges including 20+ crease patterns. It provides an illustrative guide on solving crease patterns for beginners. An informative list of paper suppliers in India is also included.


Product Details:
Softcover: 264 color pages
Date : 2021
Language: English
Product Dimensions: A4


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