Paper & Form 1+2


Paper & Form 1+2

Pack including books 1 and 2 of the "Paper Form" collection. 40 folding models that capture the essence of an animal in a few folds.

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Paper & Form #1+2

Pack including the books:

For a total of 40 folding patterns by Hungarian artist Jozsef Zsebe. You can discover his work on his Flickr album.



Presentation by Giang Dinh:
"I was very happy when J
ozsef told me that he could not stop creating, as one new model brings another 3-4 new ones with it. Quietly working on new ideas and being very productive during the pandemic, he continues his own path of observing and capturing the essence of his subjects with just enough number of folds. The result is this nice collection of paper sculptures that I believe will spread the joy of folding to many, from beginners to experienced folders. 

There is room for one's own touch and variations after learning the base frame of each model.  I especially like the bird series with color change, as they come from a single familiar base. I also think folders will greatly enjoy reading the new chapter on variations and be inspired. This book can be seen as the sequel to his "Paper and form" published 5 years ago, with the same graphical quality"

Product Details:
Hardcover with color pages
Language: English and Hungarian
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm

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