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Origami for Teachers: Volume 1

Das Buch wurde geschrieben, um alle Lehrer zu unterstützen, wobei keinerlei Erfahrung mit Origami vorausgesetzt wird. Die Origami-Anleitungen sind vereinfacht und mit klaren Diagrammen oder Videoaufna

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Origami for Teachers: Volume

No Experience is needed! This book is for all teachers, with or without any experience in origami. With the best diagrams by Dasa Severova, and video tutorials by Ilan Garibi, every teacher can teach the models from this book.

Teach through origami - We use origami to teach about art, science, mathematics, creativity, the design process, plot writing, fonts, pixels, and many other subjects from a vast variety of fields. The learning process is done under the hood, while the students enjoy their hand creations.

Improve skills development - from hand-eye coordination to 2D-to-3D visualization; patience and cooperation; confidence and creativity; the list of benefits the student get from practicing origami is long. Especially in this screen-stricken era, allowing his students to practice crafts with their hands while learning about art, design, or science, is one of the best tools a teacher can have. 


This book is for teachers, allowing them to use this wonderful tool, folded paper, to teach a variety of topics. Its focal point is not the origami models, but the educational subjects you can teach through origami. We use the windmill base to teach about the work of M.C. Escher and a traditional cup to teach about the industrial design process.

This book sums up our experience in teaching origami for the last fifteen years, both for school students and design (Interior and industrial) students. The lessons are focused on ages ten to eighteen but can be easily adapted to younger or older students. 

The first volume is focusing on origami in general, its artistic nature, and creativity. The second volume will include science and mathematics-related topics.

The book is written to support all teachers, assuming no experience in origami whatsoever. The origami instructions are simplified and clearly diagramed, or video recorded. Above that, we have full and concise explanations to support the execution of the lesson.


We tried to make this book act as a catalyzer, that will help you, the teacher, to come up with your ideas. What else can you teach with origami? The sky is the limit!


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