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Animaux Rigolos en Origami + 24 feuilles origami

Origami um die Welt + 60 Blatt Origami-Papier

In diesem Buch werden 20 Insekten in den verschiedensten Formen und Farben gefaltet: vom Marienkäfer über den Skorpion bis hin zur Libelle und Raupe.

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Around the world with origami

The models gathered in this book have been designed to take origami enthusiasts on a fascinating world tour.
Famous artist and origami master Marc Kirschenbaum has assembled 20 beautiful models, each representing a country-specific subject, from the Chinese junk to the German pretzel, from the traditional British teapot to the American baseball cap. Thanks to these multiple sources of inspiration, the 20 designs take on the most diverse shapes and colors.


The book also includes 60 sheets of high quality, tear-off paper with a wide range of colors and patterns to enhance the shapes and lines of the designs. Each of these comes with detailed instructions, as well as a QR Code and a link to the video tutorial outlining the entire folding process.


Product details :

Language : French
Number of pages : 164
Format : 22 cm x 29 cm
Cover : Soft cover



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