Sample Deluxe Washi White gold paper 35x35 scrapbooking origami
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Deluxe Washi White - 35x35 cm

¡Artículo muy difícil de encontrar! ¡De venta exclusivamente en esta tienda!

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Exlusive Diagram

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One sheet of Deluxe Washi WHITE

- Washi origami papers with gold face
- 1 square 35x35 cm 
This washi is very interesting because it has a very marked texture (similar to VOG papers) to fold pretty models. He includes also a metallized layer. So the sheet becomes as malleable as foil paper and can be use for complex models and to shape your folds.

Made exclusively for our shop!
Warning: Due to the highly textured face, the square might not being always perfect. By ordering this item, you agree to receive sheet which in rare case might not been perfectly square (but almost) !

Diagram Option :


With this paper, fold the amazing wolf by Shuki Kato. Yu can buy the diagram by checking the option above the button "Add to Cart".


With Washi Deluxe Blanc 35x35 cm, you will have a sheet with the perfect size, color, texture and thickness. So you're guaranteed to have an outstanding result!

  • Step-by-step diagram with 93 steps on 86 pages
  • PDF 0.3 Mo
  • Difficulty: Hight Intermediate
  • Recommended paper: Washi Deluxe Blanc 35x35 cm
  • Expected time needed to fold: 1 hour
This item is an e-bookThere are thus no carriage costs. You can download it from “Your Account>My Downloads” as soon as we accept your payment.
The PDF fild can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program on PC, Mac, smartphone and Tablet. 

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Opinión de internautas Deluxe Washi White - 35x35 cm (2 Comentarios)

stars_5 -
Beautiful paper, nice t fold and holds the creases well. I folded Satoshi Kamiya's sheep from this p... (Leer más)
stars_5 -
very nice paper and texture
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