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For you, who are simple beginners or confirmed amateurs, I have gathered here a collection of things that will satisfy your passion for origami.

Thanks to a network of international friends, I put to your disposal some articles difficult to see and impossible to find in traditional sales networks. Plus, a good part of the articles found here are exclusive!

I also propose to you the most interesting and latest publications at the moment as well as a range of rare paper, selected for their qualities which will fulfill all the requirements for your folds.

Lastly, you can order exclusively on this site the collection “Passion Origami, a series of books that we publish which are intended to present the new talents of origami.

I wish you a nice visit.

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Shark by Nguyen Hung Cuong Owl by Roman Diaz Characters Ddesigned by Freepik
Shopping Bag by Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez Cartoon frog by Nicolas TERRY Deer designed by Katemangostar

Images used with permission of the authors

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