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Biotope Black
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Biotope Black

Biotope origami paper is extra fine and ideal for folding simple to super complex models. With its original colors and a nice texture, it is the paper of choice to fold.

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Biotope Origami Paper


This is the missing link between the traditional origami papers and Tant papers:

- It is prettier than the traditional origami papers thanks to its finer texture and new colors

- It is really thinner than Tant papers and so fits perfectly with complex folds

That's why it is an ideal and economical paper to fold any origamis, including super complex models.

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  • 55 gsm


  • This paper was made ​​available for the first time for the origami community by Origami-shop, on 17 September 2013, with size larger than 15x15 cm (6"x6").
  • These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.
  • Important: Sheets with format 40x40 cm, 50x50 cm or 70x70 cm will be sent folded by us. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets folded.


Choose this paper:


- If you are looking for a versatile and economical sheet for all types of paper folding
- To fold complex models
- For the original and unusual colors                           



How to use this paper:


Dry folding for all models from simple to super-complex models. 
For complex models: a 35x35 cm sheet is often enought but for supercomplex models, choose a larger sheet from 50x50 cm

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Reviews about this Biotope Black (9 reviews)

- Review added the Friday 29 July 2022 by Eric R
I wanted to try this paper out for more complex models. It is very forgiving and versatile. Easy to ... (Read more)
- Review added the Saturday 26 December 2020 by Átila BBBBB
A little disappointing. Is thin but not so strong.
- Review added the Thursday 23 January 2020 by Imola Beáta K
It was perfect, enough black for my Darth Vader origami.
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