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Books by OrigamiHouse

All origami books published by the OrigamiHouse team.

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Langage: Japonese
Softcover 200 pages
Format : 18,5 x 25,7 cm



Origami Works of Takashi HOJYO :


Origami Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 3:

Origami Works of Gen Hagiwara :



Origami Works of Kyohei Katsuta:


Origami Works of Fumiaki Kawahata:


Origami Works of Yoo Tae Yong:


Origami Works of Quentin Trollip:


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Reviews about this Books by OrigamiHouse (10 reviews)

- Review added the Friday 12 April 2024 by Jérémy D
Very good book from OrigamiHouse as usual.
- Review added the Thursday 07 December 2023 by Wolfgang S
Best Japanese super complex books. Seriously hard to master. Good challenge.
- Review added the Friday 28 July 2023 by Bridget H
Super excited to receive this bundle , with esteemed author
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