» » » » » » Canson Mi-Teintes 8 colors 50x50 cm (20''x20'')
Canson Mi-Teintes 8 colors 50x50 cm (20''x20'')
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Canson Mi-Teintes 8 colors 50x50 cm (20''x20'')

Canson Mi-Teintes® paper is known for its mechanical strength, its sensual feel and its two sides with different textures. Compatible with wet folding, it is ideal for origami.

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Canson Mi-Teintes® 8 colors 50x50 cm (20''x20'')

  • Texture: Honeycomb on one side and fine grain on the other
  • Pack of 10 sheets - 10 different colors
  • Weight: 160 gsm
  • Size: 50x50 cm (19.7''x19.7'')

Canson Mi-Teintes® paper is recognized worldwide for its qualities and has all the characteristics of a true art paper for origami:

  • It has the advantage of offering two sides with different textures:
    - one side with a honeycomb grain,
    an integral part of its personality, which easily retains the light and allows to play with shadows
    - another side offers a fine grain for a soft folding.
  • Its exceptional cotton content makes it both strong and supple, offering mechanical strength and a sensual touch.
  • Compatible with wet folding, your models will become more rounded with this technique.
  • Its coloring in mass ensures a very good lightfastness and no folds will make appear unsightly discoloration.
  • Made without acid, in a neutral medium, with an alkaline reserve, it offers the assurance of an excellent conservation in time for your foldings.

Note: This product is EXCLUSIVE to our store since we cut and pack it ourselves.
Important : These 50x50 cm sheets will be sent to you folded. They will therefore contain traces of folds that should not affect the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these folded sheets.

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