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Best selling of our shop, this metallized origami paper is thin but strong, folds and shapes easily and perfect to fold all models, even Tessellations and very complex models.

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  • Weight: 40 gsm
Tissue Foil Red Recto

Since June 1, 2024, we offer a new version of this paper with a beautiful front side carefully chosen to provide a non-uniform texture. This texture adds more depth and richness to your folds, enhancing every detail of your creations.



Developed in partnership with a Thai paper factory, we have selected this paper to best suit the needs of folders.

  • For complex models: it is thin but strong and supports layer superposition
  • For 3D models: the metallic side allows easy shaping with precise fixation of the obtained shape
  • For simple models: it is easy to fold with well-defined creases
  • For modulars: it has the necessary friction to keep the units together
  • For Tessellations: the grid is well-marked which facilitates identification and the collapse is done naturally

Best seller in our shop thanks to its versatility, it is also very interesting for folders because it is one of the few papers immediately usable if you want to easily model your folds (no need to go through the tedious step of making sandwich paper or using methylcellulose).

Finally, it has two major assets:

Tissue Foil Red Recto

The front side presents a color and delicate patterns, ideal for ensuring the model's appearance without any addition (unlike metallic origami papers whose face side is often a solid, unrealistic white).

Tissue Foil Red Verso

The back side presents a slightly glittery metallic face which breaks any unsightly reflection (unlike metallic origami papers whose metallic reflections hinder model readability).


The 40x40 cm to 60x60 cm sheets will be sent folded. They therefore necessarily contain fold marks which should not, however, affect the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these folded sheets.

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Reviews about this GREY TISSUE FOIL (34 reviews)

- Review added the Sunday 19 May 2024 by Victor M
sheet as fine not used yet
- Review added the Friday 14 July 2023 by Valerio C
Nice paper, good-looking and great for shaping.
Farly thin and easy to work with.
- Review added the Tuesday 09 May 2023 by Kacper J
Beatiful! Folds easily and it is very crisp!
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