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The Origamisrael International Convention

The Origamisrael International Convention -


3 days, 9 rooms, 72 workshops

A convention like never before!

Save the Date - 12-14/3/2021

Registration will open on 20/1/2021


This convention is an online event, lasting three days, with three classes in parallel. In total, we have 72 workshops. Every class tells a story. All the models (but the last, after-midnight, hour) in this class will follow a unique theme


Some of the themes follow the creators. Such are the classes for Grand Masters, Tomoko Fuse, and Made in Italy.

Some follow the origami genre: Time for Action and Color Change are self-explanatory, and so is Useful Origami

We also have classes devoted to the paper to be used; by its shape - Don't be a Square, or its type - Tant. The last theme, Impure, means the classic golden-rules of origami do not apply. The starting point is anything but a single sheet of square paper, and you will cut, or heaven forbid, even use glue!


But this is not the complete story, no, no, no! This will be too simple for us.


To make things more interesting, and to allow us to tell even more stories, every hour has a topic, too! It could be Stars, Flowers, Pandas, Cats (oh, so many cats!), Wings, Octagon from a Square, and Cats again!


The teachers are mostly Israeli folders, and we have permission to teach for each and every one of the 72 workshops from the copyright owner.


Teaching is done via Zoom Meetings, with online video streaming.

Download the 121-page booklet from the event page on Mixiliy

or download it directly from here:



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