» » » » » Lokta paper - Red - 48x70 cm (19.7"x29.5")
Lokta paper - Red - 48x70 cm (19.7x29.5)
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Lokta paper - Red - 48x70 cm (19.7"x29.5")

Lokta paper is known to enhance origami models thanks to its incredibly silky texture but also its strength which makes it suitable for all folding.

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Lokta Paper - Red

Lokta paper is a very popular paper for folders because of its exceptional softness, smoothness and strength, while offering a silky texture that perfectly imitates, for example, an animal's coat. Many origami artists, such as Anicé Claudéon and Gachepapier, often use it to enhance their folding. 


It comes from a shrub growing in Nepal, high in the eastern Himalayas. The exceptional quality of the paper is due to the beating of the carefully cleaned bark, which does not break the fibers but softens them.

  • Size: 48x70 cm
  • 55 gsm

Important: The 45x45 cm and 48x70 cm sheets have their edges cut. The 50x75 cm sheets have uncut edges. They will be sent to you folded. They will contain traces of folds which should not disturb the final aspect of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these sheets folded.

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