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For beginners

Choose a good paper for origami is important even for beginners, even for simple models. Many folders have indeed abandoned origami only because the paper was not easy to fold and gave an awful result.

There are many papers for origami and it is often difficult to make a choice. Here is our selection of origami papers for beginners. More generally, you can go in "Origami Papers - Kami / Kraft" where most of the articles proposed are suitable for beginners.


A folder need:

- A paper with a square format to be used immediately

- A color paper to fold beautiful models

- A thin and resistant paper to fold and unfold without troubles.

- A paper with a white face to more easily follow the folding sequences (the drawings use always a bicolor paper with a white face to facilitate monitoring of folds)


Our selection:


- Gift Set origami papers for beginners :

All types oforigamipapertoget startedinorigami.

This packwill allow folders to test:
5differentkinds of origami papers
for a total of379sheets!












- Blue Box with 500 origami sheets

- 500 thin sheets with square format.

- A size of15x15cm (5.9"x5.9"), idealfor allsimple models

- A broadpalette with 60 colorstoalwaysfind the right colorfor your  model- Awhite faceto help to fold.

More articles in
Classic Origami Papers section.















- Origami papers with patterns

Numerousmotifs(animals, nature ...etc.) to embellishthe models.
More articles in Chiyogami section.










If you choose15x15cmsheets, we recommend purchasing anOrigami box

Ideal for storingsheets afteranorigamiactivityand avoidlosingordamaging them.

Convenient fortransportduring the holidays.









OtherTipsand deals:

Packs Test sheets 15x15cm ou 20x20 cm have a lot of sheets totrain tofoldyour modelsfor a very cheap price

A bonefolderfacilitates folding

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