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3D Origami Pyramids
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3D Origami Pyramids

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3D Origami Pyramids


Here is a collection of 42 original origami pyramids. This work contains among the easiest of the 3D polyhedra, making it ideal for the classroom and new folder. These pyramids are fun to fold and will enhance any origami scene. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to fold these imaginative shapes. Each model is folded from a single square which makes them more amazing and satisfying. The pyramids vary in number of sides and proportions and recurring themes are seen in the folding process. Each model is accompanied by a crease pattern which gives insight into the design method. The models range from simple to complex. The cover depicts traditional models not contained in the work.


this book:


- If you like geometric shapes, but not using modular process.
- Because Montroll is a genius who are able to fold those complex pyramids with only a single square.
- To study how Montroll use powerful locks, and use the same locks for your own designs.





- Use a thick paper, so that the side of the anti-diamond stay rigid, as a real diamond: Tant Paper or Elephant Hide Paper.


Product Details:

Softcover: 120 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28cm
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