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Vol 3 Origamix - Theory & Challenges - 2nd Edition
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Vol 3 Origamix - Theory & Challenges - 2nd Edition

Learn how to design origami with clear, accessible, and progressive lessons, illustrated for each concept by folding a super complex model! A successful mix of theory and challenges!

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Origamix - Theory & Challenges

Discover the secrets of origami Artist and learn how to design your own origami models with clear, accessible, and progressive lessons.
Each lesson is illustrated by folding a complex model! At the end of the book, unusal but amazing exercises are offered to integrate concepts even better.

  • Lesson 1: My Origami Design Secrets
  • Lesson 2: Update traditional bases
  • Lesson 3: Use Molecules & Rivers
  • Lesson 4: Addition of extra areas
  • Lesson 5: Where to position the legs?
  • Lesson 6: Change the length of a tip
  • Lesson 7: Update the molecules
  • Lesson 8: Improvisation in 22.5°
  • Lesson 9: Break the molecules
  • Lesson 10: Box-Pleating
  • Lesson 11: Tessellation
  • Lesson 12 : Develop new ideas
  • Lesson 13: Improve the base
  • Lesson 14: Molecule Puzzles

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Add a pack with
30 origami sheets specifically selected to fold the book's models. 

32 € 26.99 €
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Details :

  • 192 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 14 models
  • Languages: English and French (all texts, including diagrams)

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book alone
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Extract from the foreword by Quentin Trollip:

"...... The geometrical nature of his designs makes reference points easy to locate and allows models to be perfectly reproduced every time. The folding sequences are fluid and easy to follow. Through his meticulousness, Tetsuya has managed to ensure that you do not need to be an expert folder to be able to fold these complex designs!
As if the diagramming of thirteen impressive and mostly complex designs  was not enough of a challenge for him, Tetsuya has also explained his design process of each of these wonderful creatures. Origami design has come a long way since the days of the traditional bases, and there is an ever expanding number of new and exciting origami designers out there. Despite this, there is only a limited amount of instruction available on the topic of origami design. One of the main reasons for this is obvious: to put ideas into words that most people can understand is very difficult! And that is, in my opinion, what makes this book unique. Tetsuya has found a way, using clever illustrations, to explain how his brain works while designing."

Details of the selected paper pack:

Pack with 30 sheets including 14 origami papers specifically chosen for their size, their color, their texture to succeed perfectly your folding + 16 test sheets to test your folding before using a beautiful sheet. Discover new sheet while being assured of the perfect match of paper to the model.

Total price for sheets sold by unit: 32 € 

Price of this pack: 32 € 26.99 €


4 x Sandwich papers:

  • Stork: Black/White 35x35 cm
  • Elephant : Type 2 White/Grey/Grey 35x35 cm
  • Stegosaure : Aloe/Brown 35x35 cm
  • Coq : Rouge/Blanc 45x45

3 x Tissue-foils:

  • Styracosaur: Tissue-foil Copper 50x50 cm
  • T-rex:  Tissue-foil Octa Brown 50x50 cm
  • Ankylosaur: Tissue-foil Green 50x50 cm

2 x Octa papers:

  • Flower #1: Octa 24x24 cm 
  • Flower #2:  Octa 24x24 cm

5 x various papers: 

  • Catfish: Shadow-fold 30x30 cm Azurite/Noir
  • Squirrel: Duo Thai 24x24 cm Marron/Blanc
  • Unicorn: TANT 35x35 cm Blanc
  • Legendary Beast: Unkashi 45x45 cm
  • Norvegian Cat: Biotope Brown Earth 35x35 cm

16 White test sheets 30x30 cm

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stars_4 - Review added the Wednesday 06 January 2021 by Francesco M
I bought this book to learn more about the design process. An interesting complement of Origami Desi... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Saturday 03 October 2020 by Jens K
This book won't replace Origami Design Secrets, but is definitely an interesting resource if you are... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Friday 19 June 2020 by Víctor L
Genial, un gran libro: muy didáctico para quien quiere pasar de plegar a diseñar origami. Y si sol... (Read more)
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