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Yukogami #04 Brown /White
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Yukogami #04 Brown /White

This new paper is exclusive to Origami-Shop. It has a beautiful crumpled texture and a lovely contrast between a white and a colored side. It keeps the crease well.

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- 120 gsm



  • Quite similar to Duo Thai paper, Yukogami has the advantage of having
    - a very white face, which creates a very interesting contrast for models offering a color change.
    - a crumpled, non-fibrous texture that catches the light.


  • This paper holds folds exceptionally well, enabling you to fold even very complex models without wet folding or adding methylcellulose, if you choose the right size. 

Tips on choosing the right sheet size:

  • Simple model: 18x18 (7''x7'') or 24x24 cm (9.5''x9.5'')
  • Intermediate model (Oriol Esteve type): 28x28 cm (11'x11'') to 38x38 cm (15''x15'')
  • Complex model: 38x38 cm (15''x15'') to 58x58 cm (22.8''x22.8'')

Please note:

  • These items are made EXCLUSIVELY for Origami-Shop. We cut them into squares and pack them ourselves. Please note that due to the irregular and wrinkled appearance of the paper, the cut cannot be precise to the nearest milimeter and you will often receive paper that is not perfectly square. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets that may not be perfectly square.
  • The 38x38 cm and 58x58 cm sheets will be sent folded. They will inevitably contain traces of folding, but these should not affect the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive these sheets 38x38 & 58x58 cm folded.
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- Review added the Friday 05 January 2024 by Paul K
Papier épais et texturé, très adapté aux pliages modérés ou complexes sur des grandes feuilles... (Read more)
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