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Sandwich Papers, an amazing foil sheet perfect for origami


Sandwich paper takes its name from its sandwich-like 3-layer composition, with a metallic foil inserted between two sheets of colored tissue paper. This unique structure offers exceptional features for origami enthusiasts, enabling the creation of complex, artistic folds.


Key features:

Remarkable finesse: Its exceptional finesse makes it the ideal choice for the most intricate models. Each fold is formed with unrivalled precision, and the folding sequences can withstand the accumulation of layers of paper.


Metallized base for organic shapes: Featuring a metallized base, this paper creates curves and curves that hold effortlessly in place. This offers unparalleled artistic freedom, enabling paper to be sculpted with an ease comparable to that of modeling clay.


  • Exceptional compression: Sandwich paper enables unprecedented compression of folds, making it possible to create details such as extremely fine, delicate legs and antennae.
  • Subtle iridescent effect: The integrated aluminum foil shimmers slightly through the tissue paper in some cases, offering a subtle iridescent effect. This adds an extra visual dimension to your creations, particularly appreciated when creating models such as insects.


Recommended uses:


Complex origami models requiring extreme finesse.
Artistic creations requiring dynamic curves and shapes.
Origami sculptures requiring fine, precise detail.
Models where a subtle iridescent effect adds an extra aesthetic touch.

Please note:

This item is EXCLUSIVE to our boutique: made for us, we also cut it into squares and package it ourselves. 


Discover here some folding ideas with this paper:

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