book Twirl Kusudamas 2 de Herman Van Goubergen origami
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Twirl Kusudamas 2

The twirl has revolutionized the approach of modular origami with a module fixed by simple rolling and allows to create incredible Kusudamas.

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Twirl Kusudamas 2

The brilliant artist Herman Van Goubergen presented in1999, a revolutionary origami modular, really different from what was usually done. A modular is a geometric shape made by folding and assembling  origami units. Origami modulars use some specific folds to lock these units.  Herman Van Goubergen developed a new idea locking the unit with just a twirl

The simplicity and elegance of this approach has attracted a lot Krystyna Burczyk who pushed the idea to made new incredible origami modulars.

This new book is the second in the Twirl Kusudamas series. It is based on the concepts introduced in Twirl Kusudamas 1: geometrical structures, coloring shema an macro-module. A new structural element is introduced: different way to connect macro-modules.
(21 different macro-modules inside !). Macro-modules are flower models itself, but they blossom in huge variety when assembled into kusudamas. There are detailed description of 18 different kusudamas made from base version of module, sunk version of the base module gives us anothe 18 kusudamas. And many other combination of base rules described in the book produce more and more different models in many cases in several different coloring.

My opinion: I never really liked origami modular. However, at the french origami convention OORAA 2008, Krystyna taught me how to fold her twirls and I really liked that! Finally, I could make nice modulars with modules that catch them in an easy and fun way ! I loved it!

Product Details:
Paperback: 64 pages including 16 color pages with photos of all models
Language: English and polish
Product Dimensions:
21 cm x 29.7 cm

21 macro-modules + 18 different kusudamas + 18 variations

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