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How to Make Origami Cats
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How to Make Origami Cats

Fold 23 unique origami cat models, from intermediate to complex, each with its own posture and personality, to create an adorable collection that will capture your heart.

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How to make origami cats



This book invites you to explore the ancient art of origami through the creation of 23 cat models, all from a simple square of paper. With no cutting or use of scissors, this book celebrates the very essence of origami, transforming a simple sheet of paper into a collection of paper cats.


What you'll discover inside:


  • Folding magic: Discover how a single square of paper can metamorphose into a variety of cats, each with its own personality and posture, from a serene pose to a cat hiding in a box.​
  • Accessible instructions: With detailed instructions and clear illustrations, this book is designed to inspire and guide intermediate to advanced folders.
  • Variety of Models: Each cat is a new discovery, offering a variety of poses and expressions that capture the playful spirit and grace of cats. From the elegant stretching cat to the adventurous pouncing cat, there's a model for every occasion. Each page brings you one step closer to creating your own collection of adorable, expressive cats, ready to liven up your home and capture your heart. Embark on this origami adventure and let your creativity soar with our paper companions.






Product Details:

Paperback 72 pages
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm
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