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Vol 10 Origami for Everybody

In this third book, Quentin Trollip presents various themes for a total of 41 origami models!

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Origami for Everybody


In this third book, Quentin Trollip presents a total of 41 models in many different origami categories.


The level of difficulty ranges from the very simple Heart to the very complex Osprey - complete with talons and accurate colour-changes. Some designs will yield the same result every time you fold it, like the Jack-O'-Lantern, whereas other designs will require more intuition and shaping, like the Swan or Manatee.

Details :

  • 208 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 41 models
  • Languages: English and French (all texts, including diagrams
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Reviews about this Vol 10 Origami for Everybody (7 reviews)

- Review added the Saturday 17 December 2022 by Valérie A
Recu en cadeau, et j'avoue que j'aime beaucoup les création de Quentin Trollip
- Review added the Tuesday 30 August 2022 by Jens K
Quentin's models are very attractive and the diagrams are - like his other books - very clear and ea... (Read more)
- Review added the Saturday 27 August 2022 by Pascal M
Beaux modèles, diagrammes clairs.
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