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Origami - One Sheet, Two Colors
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Origami - One Sheet, Two Colors

20 super cute origami models, designed around changing colors to give them more personality and offer interesting folding sequences.

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Origami - One Sheet, Two Colors


Ryan Dong is a designer who has published his work in various magazines, books and conventions. Today he presents us with a beautiful book of his designs, some of which are unpublished. 

Ryan enjoys the challenge of using a minimum of folds to bring out the essence of a subject. That's why he designed this book around the change of colour in his models, because it allows him to bring out the essential details that make the animal recognisable, such as the eyes, the head or the belly. 

Fold 20 fantastic colour change models with an intermediate level!

Product Details:

Release date: March 2023
Hardcover: 130 pages

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 22x22 cm





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- Review added the Monday 02 October 2023 by M. Luisa PC
Clever folding sequences. I love how cute the models look.
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