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Pack: Lokta #1 - 11 colors - 11 sheets - 35x35 cm (14"x14")

10 sheets - 10 colors

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Pack Lokta #1


  • 11 sheets 35x35 cm (13.8"x13.8")
  • 55 gsm
  • 10 different colors


This package is exclusive to the store: Sheets are cut and packaged by us.


Qualitiesattractive texture, softness, durability, strength and resistance with a silky texture imitating to perfection the fur of an animal.

Lokta paper is handmade in the mountains of Nepal from the inner bark of this bush. The exceptional quality of the paper is due to the hype from the bark thoroughly cleaned, which does not break the fibers but relax them. The papers made from Lokta are non-perishable in the water. These papers are easy to dye in water with colors.





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Reviews about this Pack: Lokta #1 - 11 colors - 11 sheets - 35x35 cm (14"x14") (3 reviews)

- Review added the Thursday 18 May 2017 by Mark P
Nice large sheets of paper in a nice range of colours, they are thin, strong and hold a crease well.... (Read more)
- Review added the Tuesday 26 May 2015 by Mathias RRR
super papier tres agreable a plier !
- Review added the Tuesday 08 November 2011 by Dirk DBDBDBDB
Great looking paper, nice natural texture. The thickness is not equal on the whole paper, but it's h... (Read more)
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