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Origami Pro #4 - World Ocean origami

Fold super-complex origami models about sea life, created by faomous Korean origami artists. A rare book only available on our shop!

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Origami PRO #4 - World Ocean Origami

The theme of sea life is rarely present in origami books. This one presents 13 models extremely realistic and super complex to fold! Take up the challenge launch by these korean origami artists !

Only available in our shop!


Angelfish - Maeng Hyeong Kyu

Flying Fish - Maeng Hyeong Kyu

Mahimahi - Maeng Hyeong Kyu

Fish - Yo Tae Yong
Clown fish - Yo Tae Yong

Walrus - Jeong Jae Li
Marlin - Jeong Jae Li

Crab - Lee In Seop
Sage Fosh - Lee In Seop

Spipe Fish - Kim Jin Woo

The Giant Clam and Fish - Kim Jin Woo

Puffer Fish - Jang Yong Ik
Green Turtle - Jang Yong Ik



Product Details:
Paperback: 152 pages
Language: Korean
Product Dimensions: 18 cm x 25.5 cm

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Reviews about this Origami Pro #4 - World Ocean origami (6 reviews)

stars_5 -
My wife is very happy with this book, it made a perfect birthday present for her.
stars_5 -
I have received the book 'Origami Pro♯4' already.
This book was available for two weeks afte... (Read more)
stars_5 -
Great book. Some of the most realistic ocean models out there, hence more on the complex side.
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