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According to the level of difficulty

Tips for choosing your origami paper
according to the level of difficulty


Kami papers are often the most suitable origami papers. Offered in an economical pack, they are thin and offer many colors. Sizes 15x15 cm are suitable for most models. You can also select a 24x24 cm pack to fold even more easily. The paper TANT is similar but offers a more interesting texture to expose your models.

Pack Kami - 60 colors - 220 sheets - 15x15 cm (6''x6'') Pack Kami  - 60 colors - 500 sheets - 15x15 cm (6''x6'') Pack Kami - 50 colors - 60 sheets - 24x24 cm (10''x10'') Pack Tant - 100 colors - 100 sheets


For Intermediate models need often larger sheet. Here are the most suitable origami papers for them:

Pack Kami - 30 colors - 30 sheets - 35x35 cm (14''x14'') Pack Tant - 19 colors- 19 sheets - 35x35cm (14''x14'') Tissue-foil - 20x20 cm (8''x8'') or 30x30 cm (12''x12'')






For complex models, you need a very thin paper or metallized to help with folding (Tissue-foil or Sandwich Paper). Washi Deluxe and Duo Thai offer an incredible texture to embellish your folds. The Elephant Hide Paper  will bring roundness to your models to give the most beautiful origamis to expose.


Tissue-foil Sandwich Papers Washi Deluxe Duo Thai Elephant Hide



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