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Advanced Origami Rose
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Advanced Origami Rose

Folding instructions to create beautiful roses at a more advanced level than the usual origami roses.

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Advanced Origami Rose

This book presents step-by-step folding instructions for making beautiful roses from a single sheet of origami paper without cutting.


  • The book first introduces the "3D twist" technique, which is often used to fold roses, as well as the "Compound twist" and "Multiple twist" techniques, which are evolutions of the original technique.
  • The new "combined twist" technique consists in repeating the twist twice in different directions, thus doubling the usual density of the petals.
  • Similarly, the new "multi-twist" is a technique in which one edge is transformed and moved using a "wedge" fold, then the twist is repeated twice in the same direction, resulting in a petal density some three times higher.

The works presented are as follows:

  1. Twist roses: basic model N3, N4, standard rose N3, open rose N6.
  2. Combined twist roses: plump petal rose W2, large petal rose W3.
  3. Multi-twist roses: single-petaled rose M1, dense-petaled rose M2.

The book explains how to fold these seven types of rose with the help of numerous photographs and detailed, precise diagrams.

Commentary by Mr. Toshikazu Kawasaki, one of the world's leading origami rose experts, famous for his Kawasaki Rose: "These roses, highly evolved as the title suggests, are magnificent. The techniques presented are organized and easy to understand for people who have already folded roses. For a beginner audience, it will be a little more difficult, and it's important to start with easier roses".


Product details :

Language : Japanese
Number of pages : 86 pages
Format : 21.5x28 cm
Cover : Soft cover


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