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The workshops

Le planning est en cour d'élaboration. Voici déjà les ateliers confirmés: 
The schedule is currently being drawn up. Here are the confirmed workshops:



SYN (Li Jiahui - 李嘉辉) - Chine

Juho Könkkölä (Finlande)


Hubert Villeneuve (Canada)

Jonathan Rebouillat (France)


Bodo Hagg (Germany)

Eliot Dupré (France)

Eric Vigier (France)

Oriol Esteve (Spain)

Gachepapier (France / Germany)

Jino Bettinelli (France)

Tetsuya Gotani (France)


KASUS Dominic (Poland)

Nicolas Terry (France)

Andres Troya (Colombie / France)


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