» France Oct, 25-27th 2024

Fold with 4 Origami Masters!

17th Ultimate Origami Convention
Oct 25-27, 2024, Lyon (France)


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Q: An origami convention? What is it?

A: An origami convention is a gathering of folders from all horizons. They meet to exchange ideas about origami, both formally and informally.

Q: What do people do during an origami convention?

A: A typical day consists of two "classes" (also called "workshops") where a folder teaches one or several models to a small group of people. These classes can be given by masters of the field who were specially invited, or by participants.
One or two conferences or demonstrations of origami-related techniques take place in the evening.
The rest of the time is also dedicated to folding, but in a relaxed and informal way, with folding happening spontaneously everywhere in the conference center.

Q: The Lyon convention, who are the organizers?

A: The Lyon convention is organized each year by the same group of dedicated folders. They created a small association OORAA  for that very purpose.
All of them are volunteers and the registration fee is only used to invite the origami masters and cover the logistics of the convention.

Q: The Lyon convention, who can attend?

A: In order to benefit from the classes, it is enough to know the basic folds (those in the traditional origami crane, for example). Some classes are more technical and have more requirements, but they are clearly indicated.
However, the Lyon convention is not appropriate for people who have never folded before.
Note that kids, with a parent or guardian, are welcome. (Note that the guardian need not pay for the convention.)

Q: Why should I make sure I don't miss this opportunity?

     1) This is a unique opportunity to meet "in real life" some of the masters of the field. 

     2) This is an opportunity to meet other folders from around the globe, to share one's passion and make new friends. This is also a good way to keep in touch with the latest innovations in the world of origami.
     3) This is the best way to get better at folding, to learn new things and discover all the tips and tricks of the other folders...

Q: You've made your point, I'm coming! How do I register?

A: Registration is done online

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