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3 Magic Precrease Tools
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3 Magic Precrease Tools

Magic stylus to easily mark your folds, make super accurate pre-creases and facilitate the final shaping.

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3 Magic Precrease Tools

These magic tools allow you to mark and precrease your folds very easily. They are particularly useful :
  • to pre-crease sheet, especially for complex models or tesselations whose pre-creasing has to be as precise as possible
  • to insert inside a model: the rounded tip helps shaping or to push back a flap without risk of tearing.
  • to reverse the direction of a crease : for example when making an reverse-fold or an open or closed sink.

Tips: Switching between this tool and a folding tool:

1) Start by precrease the main creases of the model with the Precrease Tool

2) Use the folding tool to make the other creases, flatten the multi-layers, and fold the flaps.

3) Finish the shaping with the Precrease Tool: put it in the inside of the model to pull out the layers, and rub the inside.



Product Details:

  • 3 double-tip pens
  • 4 different tip sizes
  • Format: 13 cm x 0.8 cm
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Reviews about this 3 Magic Precrease Tools (5 reviews)

- Review added the Sunday 16 May 2021 by Juliane K
Liegen gut in der Hand. Erfüllen ihren Zweck.
- Review added the Friday 05 March 2021 by Adrien PP
Great tools, i use them whenever i work with paper and they help so much instead of using an old dry... (Read more)
- Review added the Friday 26 February 2021 by Emeric S
Stylets solides, permet de faire un rainage propre sans abîmer le papier. Manche en bois lisse mais... (Read more)
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