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Origami Dinosaurs Premium
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Origami Dinosaurs Premium

The third volume in the Premium series offers a captivating plunge into the age of dinosaurs through origami, with a range of models from the simple to the complex, designed by artists from all over the world.

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Origami Dinosaurs


In this third opus in Makoto Yamaguchi's prestige collection, attention turns to the fascinating world of dinosaurs through the delicate art of origami.


This exceptional work brings together a variety of original creations by a talented group of origami artists. Readers will be guided through an impressive diversity of models, from the most accessible designs to creations of staggering complexity, requiring up to 235 steps to complete. Each model is an invitation to explore a range of unique styles, reflecting the richness and diversity of prehistoric life.


Whether you're a curious novice or an expert looking for a challenge, this book promises a captivating adventure into the heart of prehistory, reinvented through paper folding.




  • 1 Dimetrodon
  • 2 Plesiosaurus
  • 3 Parasaurolophus
  • 4 Maiasaura
  • 5 Triceratops
  • 6 Pachycephalosaurus
  • 7 Stegosaurus
  • 8 Pteranodon
  • 9 Rhamphorhynchus
  • 10 Quetzalcoatlus
  • 11 Brachiosaurus
  • 12 Amargasaurus
  • 13 Baby Tyrannosaurus
  • 14 Archaeopteryx
  • 15 Spinosaurus
  • 16 Carnotaurus
  • 17 Pyroraptor
  • 18 Tyrannosaurus
  • 19 T-rex

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Softcover: 240 pages
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 26 cm




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Reviews about this Origami Dinosaurs Premium (2 reviews)

- Review added the Saturday 22 June 2024 by Stephane A
Excellent livre avec l'éditeur M.Yamaguchi de Origami House
- Review added the Friday 03 May 2024 by Roberto P
Perfetto! Bellissimo libro. Ottimo acquisto
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